Monday, November 23, 2009

Jewelry Party 11/21

I've known Talia for quite a while now, since she was my mani/pedi lady and I've loved her since we first met! She's a riot. Hilarious and sharp as a tack. It's hard to keep up with her sometimes!

Well, about a month ago she emailed me to see if I could bring my jewelry for a Girls Night. What could I say, but "OF COURSE"!

It was pretty mellow, ten of us girls hanging around and having a few drinks. I even got my sister to come along since we don't really hang out that much! I didn't do a big ol' spiel like you see at most parties, though I could have...

Sales were good and I got rave reviews of my work! ♥

I love being told I rock.

Oh, and Propay is sweet! It's so easy to enter Credit Card charges.

I took Sunday off, for the most part. Cookies, napping, playing a silly video game and football combined to make it a lovely day/weekend!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Feature Friday #1 - lemondropstudio

I've never done a Feature Friday, but I thought it'd be fun. Just one sweet piece or shop that I'm totally crushing on! No words are really necessary for these items. They are just that great! Well, in the future, no words will be needed!

Doe a Deer A Greeting Card from lemondropstudio $3.95

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

For Karen

Originally this necklace was a little different. A bigger hoop, less of a drop, more simple.

I changed out the hoop to one half the size and added several drops of beads. I wanted it to feel more like a waterfall of glass, so I added several different sized strands on the chain too. I think it came out really lovely. Hopefully Karen likes it!

Three drops to catch the light. The earrings will look so lovely with the necklace, but could really stand alone and be stunning.

The necklace and earrings are Antique Brass and Czech faceted glass in clear with an AB finish.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It just keeps coming....

I have a lot of new things listed and that still need to get put up, so you'll be seeing lots of blog posts with (hopefully) lovely pictures.

Here are a couple more new things...

How Studly!

I really love simple earrings. I love studs especially, since they take little or no thought or care to wear. Click on the photos to get redirected to my site for pricing and more information.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Holiday Giveaway!

I love giving away stuff. It's because I love you.

So, on November 30th, I'll be drawing the winner of these simple Argentium Silver fused earrings. Every piece was handmade (cut, filed, fused, filed, hammered, shined) by me!

Ways to Enter:

To Get One Entry:

♥ Check out Jenny Bunny Creations or Jenny Bunny on Etsy. Pick out your favorite item and post it in a comment!

♥ Follow me on Twitter: Jenny Bunny on Twitter. Post a comment to let me know if you do or are!

♥ Become a fan of my facebook page: Jenny Bunny on Facebook. Post a comment to let me know if you are or do!

To get 5 entries:

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Buy something from Jenny Bunny Creations or Jenny Bunny on Etsy. For EACH item you purchase, you'll get FIVE entries!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Earring Info: The earrings are 1 1/4 inches from top of the earhook to the bottom of the hoop. The hoop is 7/8 inches round!

I will use to draw the winner on November 30th, Noon CST

Please leave a way to contact you, either email or I'll find you through your blogger ID!

It is what it is....

I'm messy. Disorganized. I'm cute too. That should make up for the mess. I hope.

Anyway. I've been trying to get situated and organized so that I don't have to freak out whenever I have parties or do shows. It's taking some work, but I'm seeing major progress.

I'm also finding lots of items I don't have listed. Like, why, Jenny, why? It's because things get lost in the clutter. On the up side, you are going to see lots of new things coming in the next week or so! :D

Including these:

Roped In $10.00 on Etsy

Winter Leaf $14.00 on Etsy

Icicle $15.00 on Etsy

Friday, November 13, 2009

Nov 13th - 15th

A bunch of the members of my Handmade MN Etsy team are participating in a Sale, including me.

I'm offering 15% off in my Etsy shop: Jenny Bunny. You don't need to enter any coupons. The amount is already subtracted for you!

The sale ends Sunday night!

Have a great Friday and weekend!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Virtual Craft Show...?

I was just perusing the interwebs a while back trying to find some cute and crafty sites. I came across Cafe Handmade and really enjoyed the look and layout. AND it's like a juried craft show, where people get voted as best in show! Neat-o!

I want to win. There, I said it. It's easy as that. Go vote for me!

Jenny Bunny Creations on Cafe Handmade

Monday, November 9, 2009

Delayed Reaction

I'm a little slow. I can admit it. Sometimes, sadly, I start things and NEVER finish them. It's bad. It's lazy, I know.

Well, in a random I-need-to-organize-and-clean mood this weekend, I came across a knit piece I started about two years ago. Yeah. Two years. *hides face in shame*

I folded it and set it aside until I could get all the knit items in one area and sewing stuff in another. I tossed all the fabric I have into the dryer just to get the dust out. I have lots of fabric, but it was completely disorganized. It took me three dryer loads just to get it all situated. *hides face in shame again*

When it came time to go through the knit/yarn things, I stopped yet again on this partially done sweater mess thingamajig. It was just the body, no arms and no neck.

Hmm. What to do? What to do?

I could add arms....

I could add a collar.......

Or I could just throw it back in the tote.

Then! EUREKA! What about a big ol' cowl neck on it. Leave off the sleeves and just do a big ol cowl?!

I did it. It's perfect. I showed my coworkers today and everyone wanted one..... I don't know how serious they were, mind you, but they loved it!

So, I'm making a white one now too.

Here's a relatively bad photo of it.... I'll take a new one soon.

You can see the arm holes and the turned over cowl.