Wednesday, January 21, 2009

*le sigh*

So I'm having a little issue with my newsletter hosts. I'm hoping the issues will be resolved, but I'm starting to realize FREE isn't always free... It's drama-filled annoyance!

Onto good news:

Joe's brother and sister-in-law just had an adorable baby girl, Alexandra! Everyone is healthy and happy! She's got so much hair! And she's really just a sweet baby!

My car, my poor, poor car, will finally be back to me... After I horribly broke her. I can't wait. I'm going to wash her and then I'll show her off on Saturday... I can't believe I haven't had her for over a year. (note: always go to the dealership for oil changes)

And that is about all I have right now. I've been hectically busy. I'll try to write more!


  1. Did you forget to change the oil in your car? Oh dear...sounds like something I would do if I had a car! Great news you have it back now :)

  2. You haven't had your car for over a year? Eeep!

  3. Oh man..a year? WHAT DID YOU DO?!