Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A little noisy...

My mind has been running a mile a minute lately.  I've had to make some changes in my work-life to make myself happy.  I'm really excited to say that I'm cutting my hours at my day job and that I'm able to now focus on JBC quite a bit more.  I'll be doing shows more often and I am planning an open house in the near future.  I'm very excited. :)

One thing to calm my crazy brain is creating jewelry or knitting when I can.  Jewelry has won out lately since it's getting warmer (finally) and it's been great.  I feel like I'm creating things that I love, that I hope everyone else does too.

These necklaces came to me out of the blue. I was just staring at my beads and findings, feeling a little blah.  And in popped an idea to use all these square drops... And they turned out awesome.

The squares, as you move, make little tinkling noises against each other.  Not annoyingly so, but subtle.




I've been working all afternoon since I got home and my brain has finally slowed down from the race.  Now to get to bed and dream about new things to create.

Good night, world, sleep tight.


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Friday, April 26, 2013

A rainbow of colors

Well, maybe I'm missing a few colors here, but I'll work on it.  :)  

I tend to love big bold earrings, but sometimes I keep it simple.  These earrings are aptly named "Simply" because they are simply easy to wear. Especially if you want to add just a pop of color to your outfit (or none with the white.)

The green makes me super happy today since it looks like ALL of the snow here will finally be gone.  Spring is here!  And Spring green is one of my favorite colors.

I am going to make more in different colors too, and I always take requests!  What color would you like to see or which is your favorite color?


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Friday, April 19, 2013

The Long and Short of It...

Usually my jewelry is pretty dramatic. I like big bold earrings and necklaces... it's what I wear after all.

And then sometimes I make things that I love... that surprise me.  Because they aren't so big and fun and crazy.  But they are still lovely and unique and bold, but more mellow.  Like these earrings:

Click the Peach ones to buy them.  The other two are going to be listed another day. :)

Here is one of the pairs that are a little wild and crazy and fun! They are 4.25 inches long and amazing in their simplicity too. Their sheer size and length make them sassy.  They will be available online shortly too, but if you want them, call dibs in comments.  :)

And here I go to my day job again where I'll be dreaming of creating pretty things when I have a second or two to think.

Have a good day!


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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

knit, purl, knit, purl

With moving and a myriad of other stuff that kept popping up, I hadn't had much chance to knit recently. And it's something I love to do.  More than doing most anything really. 

I started back up again and I will post a picture to my instagram and twitter later (you can find the links below for those).  It's like I never stopped... The calming effect of it on me is instantly there. It's my downer, folks.  I don't need a Xanax (though I probably should some days), I just need to knit.  

Here are a few of my favorite, quick items to knit!  Washcloths!  I love how soft they are.  For someone with super sensitive skin, they are all I need (well, and some soap).  They are available for sale in my Etsy Shop: Jenny Bunny or you can click the pictures to get to the listing.

I have put some of the knit accessories up in the shop again too, though it is starting to get warmer... No time like the present to shop for next winter though I hope it finally goes away and stays away for a while!

Ok, off to the day job, then I'll be home to clean (boo!) and knit (yay!)!  Have a good morning/day/night/week!


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Thursday, April 11, 2013

New Stuff - April 2013

I have been a busy little bunny lately...  My jewelry will soon be in a shop in the Albertville Outlet Mall, so I'm trying to stock up a bit.  It's a very big, very busy mall and I'm just so excited to have my pretty handmade pieces in a shop there.... It blows my mind really.

Here are some things I've been working on....

I made a few pairs of the following three earrings already in Onyx and one in Citrine. I loved the design so much that I had to make more.  So, here are the newbies- Picture Jasper, Amethyst, and White Feldspar.  

Gemstones next to antiqued copper chain just makes me happy. I love the combo of the White Feldspar and Copper, it's just so dramatic and the pretty Picture Jasper is just so mellow... And Amethyst, well, how could you not love it next to copper...?

These earrings are really similar to the Heat earrings which I sell a lot of and get compliments continually on when I wear mine... but I expanded them a bit.  Two big brass beads add about 3/4 of an inch, so they are big ones.  3.5 inches from earhook to tip of the small bead at the bottom.  Gotta love the long earrings!

These are a little simpler AND shorter than the ones above, since I know not everyone loooooves long earrings like me.  I love the bright blue against the antique copper, it's just such a dramatic combo.

So, as I'm amping up production, I AM sharing it with my facebook fans here: Jenny Bunny Creations and on twitter here: Jenny Bunny Rocks.  I try to get to blog, but I seem to find less time for it than facebook and twitter since I can do them from my phone.  Sorry, but it's true, so follow me on those sites for daily updates.

Ok, back to work I go.  Also, none of these items are listed on my site or Etsy yet, so if you want something, leave me a message with your email and I can send you a paypal invoice that way.  :D

Night all! Sleep tight!
Jenny Bunny

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Heavy Metal

As I'm shifting back into creating mode, I find myself drawn to all of my metal beads and findings.  I have a lot, but not enough.  How does that work?

Here are just a few new pieces where you can see the new love of metal comes out.  The bright copper next to turquoise is an old classic, but I couldn't resist.

And brass next to white and black... It was just a no brainer for me.  The faceted crystal and black beads shine against the muted white and brass.  A little funky, but I love it.  Hope you do too.

Caramel and cream with brass.  So pretty.  I've been debating on keeping this one for myself, but I'll just have to make another if I want to.  :D

These bracelets will all be listed after 4/15 because I have a sale going on right now.  Use coupon code "Back2013" for 35% off everything in my shop here: Jenny Bunny on Etsy

If you want one of the bracelets here, send me a message on facebook or twitter or leave a comment here with your email address and I'll send an invoice via paypal.  The top one is $25 and the bottom two are $30.

Now to get my butt to work....  How I wish I could just stay home and create, but, alas, I must go!

Hope your Thursday is awesome!