Thursday, August 11, 2011

Crazy... Crazy... Crazy....

Holy carp... It's been since the beginning of June that I blogged last.  It's been a wild couple of months....

I have only a picture to explain part of the craziness.....  Yes, that is my car.  Yes, the back hatch fell off.  Yes, this is my life.

ON a happy note, it's getting fixed.  And I'm over the hysterical crying... Because, really, who's hatch falls off their car!?

Anyway.  Back to awesome things.

I have new jewels.  Lots of them.

Like these:

Heavy Metal is made of Miyuki Hex Cut Seed Beads.  A whole lotta strands in three different colors.  It's my new favorite piece too.  I'm going to make one for myself soon!

Orange Dreamsicle is super yummy... I'm digging the silver with the tangerine.  A sunny, summery combo!

There are a whole bunch of new things on my etsy site... This post would be forever long if I added them all.

Another good thing:  I'm having a sale on both of my sites until the 18th with coupon code "LoveIt" for 20% off your whole order!  Yay, right?

Etsy: Jenny Bunny on Etsy
Site: Jenny Bunny Creations