Sunday, March 31, 2013

What a beast...

Gosh, this year has been crazy.  I don't know how I've stayed sane through all the craziness.  We bought a house, I have had three funerals to attend and I work. A lot.  And many other less life changing things...

Maybe I haven't stayed exactly sane, since I've had to push aside my pretty little jewelry business to take care of all the rest.  And, as a creative person, making things makes me happy.  It fulfills me like (almost) nothing else can.  So, yesterday and today, I've let the dishes sit.  I've watched (peripherally only) enough TV to last a life time.  And I loved it.  I did sneak in some family time for Easter too, but only after four hours of sleep.  Ooops.

I haven't taken any pictures of jewelry yet, but I will.  Tuesday, is the plan.

For now though, feel free to peruse what is currently in the shop. I do have a sale going on, so just click the picture below for 35% off with coupon code "Back2013".

Just two days of creating and I feel better...  I'm hoping your year has been a little less crazy and more happy times fill your time.  I'm also hoping the rest of it calms down for me a bit. :D

Thanks for reading and Happy Easter!