Thursday, January 19, 2012

A brand new year....

I only made one new year's resolution- To have at least one good steak a month.  It's simple and very easy to do.  Everyone has to eat right?!

When I'm not thinking about red meat, there has been something working in my brain though for months and months though.  I knew I needed to change Jenny Bunny Creations to reflect what I feel it is...  and it's taken me months and months to do it.  I'm one of those people who have to think about something, then think more, then over-analyze, then think... Then DO.  It's annoying, I admit, but I feel like I've come to the right conclusion for JBC.

To me, JBC has always been a little earthy, a little classy, a little wild and a whole lotta unique.  I hope my new blog layout, tags and everything else reflects that.  I'm still earthy, classy, wild and unique, but with the background and stuff toned down a bit and minus a bunny.

My pink and crazy bunny just didn't feel right anymore... I needed a little growing up to happen.  Trust me when I say this last year and three months has proven to be a swift kick in the heinie.  I hope you enjoy the changes and all the new things to come.


P.S.  What was your new year's resolution?

P.P.S. What should I have for my giveaway in February?!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Not so pretty....

Working on changing, well, everything....  The blog is slowly being adjusted.  Trying to work the kinks out, but soon, it shall be done! 

Bear with me for now.... I know it's not pretty!