Monday, November 10, 2014

Paying it forward - Jaylee

It's my birthday in two days.  I'll be 32...  I'm okay with it.  I don't want anything physical, but I'd like some help if you can.

As you may know, my daughter was born 10 weeks and 1 day before she was due. She was so small but so feisty.  After exactly 2 months in the hospital, she came home.  This was us on our way home finally....

I met, Jessica, on a facebook group for preemies/NICU moms and dads.  She had her sweet little Jaylee at 29 weeks also.  Jaylee is bigger than my Lauren was, but will still need quite a bit of time in the hospital.  

Driving back and forth to the hospital my girl had to be at was a huge expense. Along with food, gas, and the medical bills bills, things were starting to look tough.  Thankfully, I have some amazing friends and family that helped us out.  Even strangers, those people I can never thank, stick with me every day.  Every day that I watch my babe grow stronger and bigger, I thank them. EVERY DAY.

Now it's my turn to pay it forward-  So, for the rest of the month, for every piece of JEWELRY that sells in my etsy shop, I'll give 50% to their gofundme page! 

Every penny helps, trust me on that.  So if you don't want jewelry, please donate. 

Jenny Bunny
Proud Preemie Mom

Lauren today. 

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