Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I need to get stuff ready to donate to People Serving People in downtown MN... it's cold and I want to get some blankets together! And they have a whole huge list of stuff they need for people.

I can't say Joe and I are doing exceptionally well financially as he's laid-off, but we aren't homeless and we have food.... I feel like I don't give enough... I'm so lucky to have so much and think I should do more...

I'm just rambling on here, I know... without any real pretense, but it's me....

Any ideas for donating my time?


  1. That's great that you are giving back!

    You could always try working at a food bank. Also, some orphanages (I know they don't call them that any more, but I can't figure what they are called receiving homes maybe?) like for people just to come and read to the kids, play with them, sing songs, etc...

  2. I'm a huge fan of volunteering at ESL schools, it's really sweet to help people who are new to our country. Especially since this is the first winter for so many of them! :D

  3. Donatin sounds fantastic. I always think about how I need to do more things like that. We just donated probably 6 large moving boxes of old Eleanore things to a donation center here on base. I felt good about that. But I know that there are people that are begging for change on the street corner, while I'm being selfish and begging my husband for more chocolate chip cookies. I feel like a brat now. This post brought me back down to earth. Thanks lady.