Friday, April 19, 2013

The Long and Short of It...

Usually my jewelry is pretty dramatic. I like big bold earrings and necklaces... it's what I wear after all.

And then sometimes I make things that I love... that surprise me.  Because they aren't so big and fun and crazy.  But they are still lovely and unique and bold, but more mellow.  Like these earrings:

Click the Peach ones to buy them.  The other two are going to be listed another day. :)

Here is one of the pairs that are a little wild and crazy and fun! They are 4.25 inches long and amazing in their simplicity too. Their sheer size and length make them sassy.  They will be available online shortly too, but if you want them, call dibs in comments.  :)

And here I go to my day job again where I'll be dreaming of creating pretty things when I have a second or two to think.

Have a good day!


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