Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lemon Drop

So... I walk into work today with the earrings you see over on the right there and stole them right out of my hand!

I had just finished them last night, too. I fused the Argentium silver to make the teardrop... I made each of the tiny headpins.... I even made the earhooks. I then hammered the metal for some texture... filed it down a bit to add more texture.

Basically, they were labor-intensive earrings. And I love them.

I decided to name them Lemon Drop after one of my favorite shops on etsy: Lemon Drop Studio. If you asked me to pick my favorite from her shop... I couldn't! I love everything!

Well, Shauna *the awesome lady behind Lemon Drop Studio* asked me recently to do a giveaway on her blog. How could I turn her down?

If you'd like to enter to win this fun bracelet, go enter here

It's Antique brass chain, wire, toggle clasp, and hoop with Cobalt Czech pressed glass beads. I love how the smaller beads and chain drape on my hand a bit....

(I'm even making myself one in red, soon, I think)

(Also, I will have several new things posted within the next few weeks, so be ready!)


  1. Can you please remove them from your co-workers ears and send them my way? I'll pay double! And when you remove them from her ears, don't say a word. And then walk away. Or run, if she chases you. I LOVE THOSE earrings!! Thanks for the shout-out, you're the greatest!!

  2. So cute!! I entered the giveaway, love that bracelet!

  3. those are pretty. i entered. i can't believe you went to read a book.