Monday, September 24, 2012

Renaissance Festival

I rode an elephant.  There is not much to say after that.  I never thought I'd ride one, but I did it for love.  My five year old nephew insisted on it... and, well, I'm a good aunt, I guess.

Here are just a few pics of our day together! 

Like a true medieval gent, he ate a giant turkey leg....

And was announced a brave knight that he is... 
(Kids games are fun to watch... He was so proud of his prizes!  Two necklaces.)

If you ever get the chance to journey to a Renaissance Festival, I advise doing it... The food is always great and the entertainment is really fun.  Seeing the more odd costumes is the best really.  :D

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I got absolutely no creating done, but enjoyed every moment of it!

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