Monday, October 5, 2009

My first wholesale order

I got my first request for a wholesale order a few weeks ago. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to get 62 pieces of jewelry made in just about a week and a half.

I did it though.

Here are about half of the items. I didn't get much chance to take pictures of them, but I grabbed a few.

If you like anything, you just let me know and I can recreate anything you see here. Well, except maybe the first pair of earrings. I'm tapped out on vintage chain this dainty!

Peachy Keen.
These were originally on Etsy. I had to make seven more pairs for my order!

Vintage chain, usually of the slightly tarnished brass persuasion and a cute peach colored enamel drop.

These were White Hot before I had to make them in different colors. Now they are called Heat.

Antique brass and Czech pressed glass beads.

These were probably my favorite pairs to work on just because they came out so lovely with each different color.

These were Orange Dream, but again, I had to change the name since I was asked to make several different colors.

I love the coffee colored ones.

Goddess is and always has been one of my favorite bracelets. I hadn't even thought to do it in different colors since it looks so lovely in the pearl color.

Since it was requested in red and blue, though, I made them and fell in love with the different colors. I intend to make a few other colors too, just to see what they look like.

Telling has also been one of my favorite bracelets for it's simplicity. I like combining colors in my jewelry arsenal, so these are the perfect small addition.

The gray is so lovely next to the antique brass. I'll be making one for myself in the near future!

Showdown along with Detta were the only two pieces of my Drawing of the Three line that were requested. Both the earrings and bracelet are simple, easy to wear pieces.

I love Showdown in Coffee too.


  1. *sad* I was just looking at peachy keen and planning on buying it. So.... if you get more chain I would be honored if you would make me a pair, and a long layered antique chain necklace to match!

  2. I love it bunneh! So proud of you I know it will go great!

  3. Awesome, Jenny! I'm so happy for you!


  4. hi. it's me. you don't remember me. because you're famous now.

    i love it all. you did a great job. and. still. you're famous now.

  5. wow that looks like a lot of work!! I hope you're having fun still, they look positively pretty!

  6. Wow - that's a bunch of jewelry but it all looks so great - good job! Thanks for visiting my blog.