Thursday, May 31, 2012

Brutus and the washcloths

My cat loves me.  He makes it know by constantly being on my lap, standing in front of the TV or meowing loudly from where ever he is in the house.  We still love him. ;)

Today, I was taking photos and he insisted on being part of the photo shoot.

Thanks, Brutus.  Thanks a lot.

I did pick him up (gently) and place him on some very soft and squishy blankets so he could nap elsewhere.  Then, I continued my photo-taking endeavors.

I always am blown away by how many pics I have to take to get four or five perfect ones for EACH item.  But I love looking through all the pictures and seeing how pretty they are.

Anyways, I shall end my babbling here by saying this- I now have 100% Cotton, Handknit Washcloths in my Etsy shop!  They'll be on my site soon too, so only on Etsy for now!

Here are just a few pictures:

You can find the Pink, Yellow and Blue ones HERE!

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