Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I have allergies. My cats have allergies. It's a funtastic sneezing fest at my house.

Cassie, the cute little black and white girl, has been a sneezer for most of her life, I've been told. We just got her... Wow, about a month ago! She's still bitchy. :)

Brutus is a new sneezer... I was a little concerned about him, but then thought back... and realized he does sneeze when it's dusty... So, I'm not so worried anymore....

I can't wait to have kids... I'll be constantly panic stricken....

Probably not... I'll just learn to drink heavily.

I'm being such a smartass today... lol.

Here is the real reason for the posting... since I'm sure my facetious nature is getting boring.

Some new rings! The are called Loop-di-Loop! Sterling silver and glass beads are two of my favorite things and I seriously LOVE these! They run on the small side though, so I can't really keep one! (I have fat fingers!) Aren't they so cute?!

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