Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I love custom orders!

I really do love them.

This here is a pair of earrings for a lovely gal named Sandra! She was at a house party hosted by a friend and she loved the earrings that were in my giveaway here, but wanted them in black!  I didn't have the same sized wire for the outer ring, but I had a slightly bigger gauge.  The new version are more substantial, but also sturdier.

These babies are no small pair of earrings.  At just about 2 inches around, they are a showy, shiny pair.

Each hoop was cut to size, then fused together.  I hammered, filed, hammered some more, then filed, and then polished them to a sheen. I love the slightly darker parts where the hammer hit and the polish just can't reach.  So pretty!

Custom orders are my fave, darlings, so if you see anything you like, but would like it in a different color, just holler!  :D


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