Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Silver Is In

I've been listing a bunch of different items on etsy lately. Usually it's my antique brass designs, but quite a few silver pieces have been popping up too!

I just listed the Sky earrings today ($20).

The turquoise glass makes me wish that it hadn't just snowed last night.... It would be wonderful to see some sun and bright blue sky!

The Droplet earrings ($25) are one of my new favorites because they are so shiny.  Just imagine the sunlight hitting these... They would blind someone with their blinginess!  :D

I had a miniature version of them too, but they sold at a home party I had last weekend.  I'll have to make more since they are so cute.  Any colors you'd like to see?  Or should I stick with the shiny faceted beads?

Broken ($25) was a happy accident... I was being slightly impatient, which I'm known for, and the metal separated instead of fusing.  They were going to be a round hoop like the Sky earrings, but they have a little extra funk going for them now.  You can't see the gap in the picture, so you'll have to click the picture or link above!

I'm thinking of doing the Droplet design with these clear faceted AB finished beads.  They might be even shinier! 

Round and Round it goes, where it stops, no one knows!

The Round and Round ($15) earrings are my most basic design.   They are about 1 inch in diameter.  I've done a few different finishes on them too. 

To the left is the tarnished pair. I liked the black, but I polished just the edges for some added fun. You can find the original, shiny silver pair here: Round and Round in Silver!

I'm not feeling so swell today, thanks to my darling fiance.  He gave me his cold.  Otherwise, I'd run to my table and start making more silver pieces.  I think I'll take a quick nap instead! 

Thanks for reading my blog!  I did just remodel it a little so let me know what you think!

Jenny Bunny

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