Monday, November 3, 2008

Busy Bunny

I've been busy!

Above are two scarves I've added a little stitching to to prevent unraveling! The black and white is a nice thick weave! The plaid is a bit thinner, but I love the texture! I really only did a small bit of stitching to them because I like the frayed/worn look! I actually don't know if I'm even going to sell them...

Below is a shrug I'm making for my boyfriend's niece who will be arriving in January or maybe earlier! It's an adorable little thing! It's knit in a 3x3 rib and all in one piece! It's going to be so perfect! It's taking a bit of time though since it calls for a size 4 knitting needle! My hands don't love the small work!

I've also been playing around with some cat-toy ideas. So far Cassie and Brutus think it's a good idea... They are so toked on catnip, though... I'm not sure if they really know what's going on!

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