Thursday, June 12, 2008


I've taken to going to the nearby fabric store for a few friends of mine, since they so incredibly cheap! Not my friends! THE FABRIC STORE!!!! I'm talking INEXPENSIVE, but not cheap, really!

Anyway, I'll try to stay on topic. Joe (my boyfriend) actually found this fabric, which I fell in love with.

I sent all the fleece and random cute fabrics to Tiff of Adopt-A-Critter and asked her to make me a cute makeup bag out of some of it!

I literally sent her this fabric less than two weeks ago, ok....

I recieved this stunning, HUGE, PERFECT makeup bag yesterday.....

I was so flabbergasted by it that I sat in the Post Office parking lot for a minute, just to collect myself. It was way beyond what I was even thinking.... It's HUGE! And LINED! WITH FLEECE!

I don't know if you can also see the adorable stitching she added to keep the fleece and cotton (I think) stable and together.... It's almost 12 inches wide and and almost 7.5 inches tall! The base is 3 inches wide! I have too much makeup, so it all fits now!

I'm just so happy with it. I almost cried. Seriously. It's amazing. I hope I do it justice by just typing all this!


  1. awww nice! She did a beautiful job!

  2. OH I love it ! I have extra horsey fabric that Ive been trying to figure out what to do with and this is a great idea !

  3. wow, that is seriously rockin'. nice fabric too.
    I wish I could sew...