Saturday, June 4, 2011

Offcenter Necklaces

Color for May
I haven't had much time lately to make things... And that makes me sad, but I'm free this weekend to do whateva I want!  :D  I have a few custom orders to do and I hope to just knock out some stunning pieces!

Color for June!
My newest necklace design, the Offcenter, is a bit funky, definitely fun and easy to wear, but mainly short.  I don't do many short necklaces....  I'm not biased against them... And I even own quite a few, but I just tend towards longer ones!  :D  I'll try to work on that though, for the short necklace fans! 

I've only made three colors so far, but I'm thinking white would just look amazing with the brass beads mixed in too...  Or bright yellow, maybe?

Two strands of chain, two strands of beads... It's all about balance in the style, but the beads were all added at random, so they are off center!  :D

I hope you have a lovely weekend!  Thanks for reading!

1 comment:

  1. you know what i'm going to say.

    these are all pretty.

    just like you.

    and me.

    my name is winnie. i'm copper like a penny. so very pretty. it's gotta be a sinny.