Tuesday, October 19, 2010

MORE new things...

I told you I was going to be a listing machine this week! I'm like... *tries to think of a cool girl robot that is fast*... Hrm... That chick from the Terminator TV show? She kind of scares me though.

Ok, maybe I'm just a super version of myself this week. That seems safer anyway. *nods* Unless you count the cut on my hand and the almost-falling on my face just a moment ago... That's really beside the point though.

Now to remember my point- Yeah, I've been listing things!

Here is Combo and the Olive version of Simply!

Combo is a multi-strand bracelet. Definitely going to be making it in other colors also, so let me know what colors you'd like to see! Simply is just the perfectly sweet, simple pair of earrings!

Click the photos to get directed to the listings! Combo- $30, Simply- $10

I'll be listing more tomorrow too!


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  1. *shakin the pom poms* Go Jenny..get yer list on!