Monday, November 23, 2009

Jewelry Party 11/21

I've known Talia for quite a while now, since she was my mani/pedi lady and I've loved her since we first met! She's a riot. Hilarious and sharp as a tack. It's hard to keep up with her sometimes!

Well, about a month ago she emailed me to see if I could bring my jewelry for a Girls Night. What could I say, but "OF COURSE"!

It was pretty mellow, ten of us girls hanging around and having a few drinks. I even got my sister to come along since we don't really hang out that much! I didn't do a big ol' spiel like you see at most parties, though I could have...

Sales were good and I got rave reviews of my work! ♥

I love being told I rock.

Oh, and Propay is sweet! It's so easy to enter Credit Card charges.

I took Sunday off, for the most part. Cookies, napping, playing a silly video game and football combined to make it a lovely day/weekend!

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