Monday, November 9, 2009

Delayed Reaction

I'm a little slow. I can admit it. Sometimes, sadly, I start things and NEVER finish them. It's bad. It's lazy, I know.

Well, in a random I-need-to-organize-and-clean mood this weekend, I came across a knit piece I started about two years ago. Yeah. Two years. *hides face in shame*

I folded it and set it aside until I could get all the knit items in one area and sewing stuff in another. I tossed all the fabric I have into the dryer just to get the dust out. I have lots of fabric, but it was completely disorganized. It took me three dryer loads just to get it all situated. *hides face in shame again*

When it came time to go through the knit/yarn things, I stopped yet again on this partially done sweater mess thingamajig. It was just the body, no arms and no neck.

Hmm. What to do? What to do?

I could add arms....

I could add a collar.......

Or I could just throw it back in the tote.

Then! EUREKA! What about a big ol' cowl neck on it. Leave off the sleeves and just do a big ol cowl?!

I did it. It's perfect. I showed my coworkers today and everyone wanted one..... I don't know how serious they were, mind you, but they loved it!

So, I'm making a white one now too.

Here's a relatively bad photo of it.... I'll take a new one soon.

You can see the arm holes and the turned over cowl.


  1. Sorry, Winn-love, but it's the prototype and not that great.... And my coworker called dibs on it.