Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm lovin' it!

The sweater, that is.... I ripped it apart. All the way down to nothingness.

Then I stared at the pattern for a long time. A loooooong time. Ok, less than five minutes until I realized what I needed to do to make it work for me.

I deleted a few unnecessary stitches, changed it around a bit, then I started knitting again. I'm about two inches in already. My hands hurt, but I'm in love with it now.

♥ it!

I'll take a pic this weekend after I get more time into it!


  1. you knit?? ...I don't, haha. At all. Me knitting = bad news. That sweater looks awesome though. Well, the picture of the one a few posts down. Thats the one you're knitting right? I want to see your version of it!! What color are you making it?

  2. Dropped by to say I tagged you on my blog's Q&A!