Friday, June 6, 2008

Brand New!

Hey! Hope everyone likes the new layout and what I'm going to try and accomplish on this blog!

#1- I'm going to get rid of the blog since I don't sell on etsy anymore. I'm not going to delete it, but it's going to sit there.

#2- I'm going to focus on things I'm working on and the direction I want my business to go! Any input or advice would be great!

#3- I'll be offering discounts for my blog readers!

That's all I can think of for now!



  1. Yay ! make sure you leave a message on JBE to come here though :)

  2. holy camoly! i just visited your jennybunnyetsy blog. just because i'm nosey.

    helloooowwwww. what did i find? you love stuff!

    dude! stuff!

    great minds think alike. and better minds know it. but the best minds make up odd sayings like this one.