Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A little noisy...

My mind has been running a mile a minute lately.  I've had to make some changes in my work-life to make myself happy.  I'm really excited to say that I'm cutting my hours at my day job and that I'm able to now focus on JBC quite a bit more.  I'll be doing shows more often and I am planning an open house in the near future.  I'm very excited. :)

One thing to calm my crazy brain is creating jewelry or knitting when I can.  Jewelry has won out lately since it's getting warmer (finally) and it's been great.  I feel like I'm creating things that I love, that I hope everyone else does too.

These necklaces came to me out of the blue. I was just staring at my beads and findings, feeling a little blah.  And in popped an idea to use all these square drops... And they turned out awesome.

The squares, as you move, make little tinkling noises against each other.  Not annoyingly so, but subtle.




I've been working all afternoon since I got home and my brain has finally slowed down from the race.  Now to get to bed and dream about new things to create.

Good night, world, sleep tight.


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