Monday, April 11, 2011


I spent 4 solid hours yesterday just creating! I hadn't even realized four hours had gone by until my stomach rumbled. I hadn't eaten ANYTHING all day. But that's okay though since I made 11 necklaces and 5 pairs of earrings.... and then I made a big dinner too.

The Vicious Necklaces are a few of my favorite pieces that I made yesterday. I have all 6 colors listed on my big cartel site, for you non-etsy users. Only three colors, the cream, lavender and cobalt will be available here: Jenny Bunny on Etsy. (I may get list-happy and add all the colors, but for now only those three are available!)

What's your favorite color?

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  1. Hi Jenny! Beautiful blog and jewelry! You are an inspiration. :)

    ~Melissa, SITS Girl
    Reflections on Writing