Sunday, August 26, 2012

Spotlight - On Our Side

Spotlight on the On Our Side earrings!

I feel like I create a lot of things, but never really get a chance to explain why I make them and why I name them certain ways.... So I'm going to do a Spotlight on certain pieces so you can get a peek into my brain.  :D

This earring design came to me after I had been doing inventory and I realized that I had a bunch of really funky jewelry, but lacked simpler pieces with just a little less sass.  In case there are people out there who aren't as sassy as me....  Or less flashy.  (Note: I can be a bit of a diva. I admit my faults.)

They are still a little long at 2 inches from the earhook, so they have substance, but are sleek since they only have the one strand of the two beads.  I picked four colors that I thought looked amazing next to the antique brass beads and findings.  They translucent beads look amazing, I think.

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Shop:   Etsy   Site

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Shop:   Etsy   Site

The name came from a song.  You may have heard it- Time is on my Side by The Rolling Stones! I had this song stuck in my head for a week. It was driving me bonkers, but it fit the earrings.  The vintage feel, but they really won't go out of style.... Time is on your side with these guys.  :D

Ok, back to being a slug on this lazy Sunday! 
Have a great weekend!

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