Friday, May 27, 2011

Special Color for June

Last month I decided to do a "color of the month". I went with tangerine, since a lovely lady at a party suggested it.  This month though, I'm letting my awesome fans pick it out!

Here are the options!

This is turquoise blue. I've used it before and I love it! Blue seems like such a summer color, so I thought I'd pop it in here....

I've also used this bright yellow before because, well, I love bright yellow. It's a very fun summery color, right?

This one is glass, but it's called granite. It has a wonderful light green design. Very textural.

I'll have a poll on the right until the end of the month... Short notice, I know, but I'm slow sometimes! :D

Feel free to comment on what you think the July colors should be too!


  1. pretty. just like you. and me.


  2. umm what if i cant decide??