Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bracelets Galore!

Split on Etsy $18
I love this red! I think it looks so pretty with the Antique Brass hoops and toggle clasp.

I'm thinking about making more like these, but in blue. A deep Cobalt would look great with the brass too...

Twisted - Melon on JBC $45
I, um... made a little boo-boo when creating this bracelet. I didn't realize, until I had done the three middle strands completely, that I put the clasp on backwards. It's a slide lock, so really, it can only go ONE way.

I'm in love with it now. The twist adds a little funk to a pretty basic bracelet!

Twisted - Black on JBC $45
I loved the Melon one so much that I just had to make one in black too! I added some faceted glass beads for some extra shine.

I was thinking this one would look pretty in a coffee color... Or a bright, bright blue, too!

Love em? Hate em?

Oh, I'm looking for more feedback on which item to giveaway for my next contest! Help pick on the Jenny Bunny Creations Facebook Fan Page!

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