Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So, most of you probably don't get the brownie references, so I'll explain. On one of my lovely networking/connecting site, a lovely lady started a group. It's a group solely for offering advice to others on staying motivated and not staying inert. It's the Inertia Cafe!

Well, I set a goal to accomplish. I accomplished it. I get brownies. I could make real brownies. I will make real brownies. Right now though, just being able to work and create is my brownies. Here are just a few things I've been cracking out... And really enjoying making! I hand made each piece of each of these too!

I haven't listed them yet, but I will soon!

Argentium Silver and Amethyst

Argentium Rings size 7

Argentium Silver and Peridot


  1. Oooo... I lurve these. :) Seriously. They are great.

  2. they are so pretty.. love the colors!